Friday, September 7, 2012

Nearly There

Moving presents problems when you make large work out of clay. Fortunately, I have great friends with mad skills. Two weeks ago Christopher Purcell of Purcell Toys and Shane Benedict of Liquidlogic Kayaks came to build crates and work on some of the finer points of staging the work. Shane and I had found an amazing little woodmill in East Flat Rock, NC, and acquired gorgeous slabs of local cherry and oak. Shane joined the cherry into a magnificent platform for the SeeSaw. (Sorry for all the superlatives, but this wood really astonishes me!)

When he's not making toys, Chris works as the Special Projects Agent for Liquid Logic. He was my special projects agent one weekend, and whipped out what my friend Cary called, "the most beautiful crates I've ever seen." I think so too. 

 The crates pretty much filled up the living room,
and the art pretty much filled the crates, 
and fortunately Shane loaned me his sprinter van. Also fortunately, I didn't hit the 200,000 mark on the odometer. That momentous occasion would have been a terrible responsibility. But the crates definitely filled the van

My parents have been helping throughout the progress of the show, locating the perfect old barn boards, sanding seesaws, picking up Roman from school, so many, many details. Dad was heroic loading and unloading crates of art and assembling hobbyhorse frame and just making it all happen. And of course I didn't get a photo of all that in action. But, thanks, Mom and Dad!

Here's the lovely slab of oak that makes Brother Rabbit  really come together. 

and the warm sun bathed us as we set up The Garden of Earthly Delights.  I'll get a clearer photo of him in place, but I liked the crazy lighting as we set up!

Hope to see lots of you at the show. Invite blog forthcoming!

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